Wiring Harness

By the way of superior quality, best services & competitive pricing, Minda SAI Ltd. has earned admirable reputation with its customers. The integrated design, world class manufacturing and a strong foundation of systems, Minda SAI Ltd. provides Solutions & not just Wiring Harnesses in addition to the Wiring Harnesses, Minda SAI Ltd. – Component Division also manufactures state of the art Plastic Interiors & Connective Components like Couplers & Terminals.

Solution Portfolio


Wiring Harness Solutions

Wiring Harness for each vertical of automotive Industry, as small as 2 wheeler to as big as Commercial Vehicle Harness, Minda gives solutions to wiring connectivity of a vehicle from modular to complete assembly from head to tail

  • Harness for 2/3 Wheelers
  • Harness for Commercial Vehicles
  • Harness for Utility Vehicles
  • Harness for Tractors


Specialized Lead Wires

As a part of integration of modular wiring harness, small pig-tails (Wire Sets) plays a critical role in connectivity of main harness with vehicles hardware. An automobile has extreme conditions related to temperature, stress & Water exposure. Minda’s ability to provide a wiring solution for all these environment conditions, from lower temperatures in Air-conditioning system to higher temperatures in Engine compartment, makes Minda a preferred choice.

  • Switches
  • Air-Conditioning system
  • Automotive lights
  • Electric Security system
  • Gaseous kits
  • Panel Instruments
  • Door Panels
  • ECU Management
  • Euro III & CRDe