Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Special purpose & fully automatic machines, dedicated lines for each customer provides ability to handle critical operations for good Wiring Harness manufacturing.


Cutting Stripping & Crimping

  • Automatic Wire Cutting, stripping and Crimping Machines with auto seal inserting
  • Automatic wire cutting & stripping Machines
  • Crimping presses


Crimping & Joining

  • Ultrasonic Mid Joint Welding Machines
  • Semi Auto Crimping & Mid Joint Crimping Machines
  • Automatic Joint Taping Machines
  • Various types of applicators for terminal crimping (In-house/Imported)


Assembly operations

  • Conveyors for Assembly operations of Main Wiring Harness
  • Dedicated fixed board lines
  • Flexible lines for consumer goods. Cellular assembly setups