Personal Tracking

TrackIT Supervisor - Ping your car, any time any where

TrackIT Supervisor is a personal vehicle Tracker mobile-app which reduces anxiety and improves safety.
It works with the TrackITplus web hosted software suite to deliver location enabled services on the mobile.

Are your children getting dropped by your driver?
TrackIT Supervisor will alert you if the car is not in the school premises at the expected time.

Is the car being driven by your teenager?
TrackIT Supervisor will buzz your phone if the car over-speeds or overturns.

Do you park your car in the street?
TrackIT Supervisor e-lock feature will buzz if the car moves. This works even if it is towed away.

Is your wife driving the car and is stuck on the road?
Be it a flat tyre or an engine issue, TrackIT Supervisor can locate the help you want with a pin-point accuracy on a map. In addition to all this, the technology works as a passive theft deterrent, and you can locate the vehicle wherever it is on the globe. And with an optional immobilizer, you can simply prevent the car from moving.

Hardware: Collar Neo-X gps modem

Software: TrackITplus subscription with TrackIT Supervisor package.