Internet Of Things

Feel Safe, Anywhere, Anytime – Internet of Things, Delivered

Welcome to the World of tEther

Our Tiny low power tags weave the fabric of connectivity, stitching together sensors, wearables, machines, automobiles with the world of smart phones, delivering alerts seamlessly over the cloud.

You will no longer have to stop, think and decide to take your phone out of your pocket, find and launch the app you want, then take action. Instead, you will receive the data and service that you want, right in to your palm.

tEther has already been adopted by India’s leading accessory brand to build a women’s safety product.

  • It’s simple
  • Attach a tEther to your Pet, Jewel Box, School Bag, your bike – just anything
  • Install a tEther Node at your home
  • Download a free tEther monitor app on to your phone
  • Tell your friends to do the same
  • Your phone will alert you if there is trouble!

tEther takes wearables beyond fitness

  • tEther safety tags lets you know if your loved ones are in safe zones
  • tEther asset tags lets you know if your valuables move without your intent
  • tEther transportation tags takes passenger and asset security to new levels
  • tEther solar tags make re-charging the battery a footnote in history
  • tEther elder care wrist bands alerts you if your loved one has had a fall
  • tEther Alarm tags in Banks and Financial Institutions as Panic Alarms