High Quality GPS, GPRS Modem

No external antenna, simplifies installation, improves reliability

Salient Features

Collar Neo as installed on dash. The unit can also work under the dash

  • Pin Point location
  • < 2.5 m CEP GPS accuracy
  • 50 GPS Channels
  • Class 10 GPRS transceiver
  • 12/24V Operation-works for any vehicle
  • Provision for 8 Hours Internal Battery Backup
  • Extended Temperature Grade
  • Over The Air Software Upgradability
  • Over The Air Configuration Capability
  • Low Power consumption

External Interfaces:

  • One true RS232 port
  • Up to One Analog Input
  • Up to Four Digital Inputs – opto-isolated
  • Up to Two Digital Outputs – opto-isolated

Choose theRight Collar for your Vehicle

The Collar family of GPS-GPRS Modem consists of four variants designed to provide you the right price-performance fit. All modems provide excellent GPS location accuracy and the versatility of a high quality quad-band GPRS connectivity, which ensures that they will work in any part of the globe. The Neo-Eko is an excellent entry level choice, where location monitoring is the primary goal. Good for personal cars, high value bikes, and mobile assets where you need to know the location when you need it.

The Neo-X is the best fit where you need location plus post-mortem reports that require minute by minute movement history. You can improve the safety and security cover by adding panic-switches or proximity RF-ID card readers as the Neo-X provides a true RS232 data interface. It also adds a measure of tamper-proofing by providing an internal battery backup that can alert you if the device is disconnected from the vehicle.

The Neo-Y is a versatile modem with all the features of Neo-X plus the ability to monitor analog parameters like temperature and fuel. It also has relay driver control IOs which you can use to implement an immobilizer or turn on an engine or a lamp. You can connect seat belt fastening indicator, door open indicator etc to further enhance passenger safety. All IOs are opto-coupled to ensure the modem has a long life.

The Neo-Z gives you Z category security. It adds a MEMs sensor to the Neo-Y to give remote accident alert capability for rollover, jack-knifing and other perilous accident scenarios.

EILABS strives to bring you the best of class product. Therefore, product specification is subject to change without notice as per the continuous improvement policy of the company. Please check before placing order.

+Distance measured from GPS coordinates
+Ask for internal battery option explicit if you require it. Battery is an optional item.