GPS enabled fleet Management Solutions for Goods & Logistics

Be it Long Haul or Milk-Run fleet, the TrackITplus logistics package helps you cut cost of operation, monitor fleet utilization, ensure service level agreements are met, and improves safety and security of your assets and cargo.

Knowing where your vehicle is at any point in time is the starting point. The TrackITplus logistics package supports unlimited geo-fencing capability.

Mark your own points of interest on the map like filling locations, customer sites, loading areas, garages, godowns etc and get precise location with time-stamp.

Do you perceive low KMPL on specific vehicles? Is it due to vehicle condition? How to find Moonlighting? How to find Pilferage/Underfilling? The TrackITplus fleet utilization toolset contains side by side matrix reports for distance, run-time and fuel performance for the entire month in a single downloadable report. This is in addition to minute by minute location report, which you can use as undisputable travel diary.

Get peace of mind with the safety monitoring tools of TrackITplus. Do you have inflammable, explosive or hazardous material where strict speed limits are expected to be adhered to? The speed exceptions alerts will keep you informed of over-speeding instantaneously. Does your fleet carry valuable cargo or perishable goods where unauthorized stops could mean malafide intent or danger?

Stoppage exception reports and alerts will ensure that you have your eye in the sky.

In addition the TrackITplus has tools for route creation, trip monitoring, waypoint tracking,animated trip playback and a full fledged Fleet Manager for keeping all fleet related information in a single digital location.

Hardware: Each truck is fitted with a Collar Neo X or Collar Neo XS GPS modem, with a SIM.

Software: TrackITplus Logistics package, IE or Google Chrome web browser with a broadband internet connection.