Emergency Response Management Solutions for smart cities

The primary purpose of this software is to receive an Emergency Notification (ECN) and dispatch an ERV, such that the ERV reaches the ECN location at the earliest. This is normally done by dispatching the nearest ERV to the incident zone.

The software provides the necessary tools to determine the location of any ERV in real time. It also automatically provides the distance between the free emergency vehicles and the caller in distress to ensure minimal transit time.

The map interface contains the vehicle position as well as the nearby infrastructure that can support it. For example, for the ambulance management system along with the ambulance position, the location of the distress caller as well as the nearest hospital that can handle the emergency is highlighted.

The incident is closed when the ERV reports that the response has been provided and the ERV status changes back to idle.

Hardware: Collar Neo-XS in the ambulance

Software: TrackITplus ERMS package, IE or Google Chrome with broadband internet connection