City Services

Technology Solutions for smart cities

City Buses: EILABS Telematics Bus Control Units and RouteMaker software enable City Buses with configurable route LED displays and automatic GPS enabled bus stop announcements.

The Collar Neo GPS modems and the TrackITplus software provide tracking solution with clear bus stop tracking reports and trip reports.

Solid Waste Management for Cities: The TrackITplus solution has been customized to offer a comprehensive tracking and monitoring of Solid Waste Management fleet, including online waste disposal statistics for an entire city. The toolset provides key reports on utilization of garbage trucks, march-out statistics and haulage thus improving the citizen service as well as decreasing diesel pilferage.

Public Distribution Services: The TrackITplus logistics package has be en successfully customized to ensure that trucks loaded with essential commodities from FCI depots reach the state Civil Supplies depots without any deviation in route or unauthorized stoppage. Under such eventuality, SMS based alerts to vigilance officials ensure that pilferage and racketeering is minimized.

The TrackITplus extensible map interface allowed every fair price shop to be marked on the map. This further allowed verification on whether the milk run logistics of trucks moving goods from the Civil Supplies depots to the fair price shops actually did the run as per plan.