Smart Campus

Child Safety Solutions for compete peace of mind

The TrackITplus Smart Campus School solution is a complete child safety package. The solution gives the parent compete peace of mind by providing the information he/she needs right on his smartphone.

Locate the Bus: A simple app provides the location of the school bus on a map thus enabling the parent to know the estimated time of arrival.

Child Boarding: The RFID enabled option also lets him know if his child has boarded the bus, and also alert if the child has boarded a wrong bus. With the Smart Campus solution, the parent can even know when the child enters the school or the class room.

Live Video Surveillance: The package supports up to two online camera feeds per vehicle, which is available for the school or the parent to view in real time.

Emergency Alert: In case of a break down or a hold up, the driver simply pushes a button to alert the school along with the precise location so that assistance is immediately arranged.


  • Each student carries a SmartTag badge
  • Each Bus is fitted with a NeoX GPS tracker and a Neo-Access proximity card reader
  • Each class room is optionally fitted with the Access card reader
  • Optionally the school buses and certain areas in the school can be fitted with ON-LINE surveillance cameras

Software: Software is provided as a service.

The tools include school administrators portal to create and manage school bus routes as well as assign the students to a particular route. Optionally a number of SMS alerts to parents and school staff can be enabled. On GPRS enabled phones, the camera feed can be viewed online.